Detailed seminar topics

1. Inspiration, Motivation & Meaning: Why am I making this photograph? (Saturday morning)

  • Our photographic motivations: practical, emotional, conceptual, spiritual, therapeutic.
  • The connection between the natural world and our personal, photographic world.
  • How to kick-start photographic inspiration with a visual (and personal) inventory.
  • How to move beyond “pretty pictures” to create more meaningful images that have impact and staying power.
  • The travel paradox: why the visual excitement of new experiences and exotic locations often leads to disappointing images, and what we can do about it.

2. Craftsmanship & Creativity: How do I make this photograph? (Saturday morning)

  • How humans and cameras see: differences, limitations and creative possibilities
  • Landscape image-making styles and traditions, from documentary to popular to imaginative, and how to choose the approach most appropriate for our selves, subjects and circumstances.
  • A review of photographic craftsmanship and the choices available during image capture and processing. (Note: for an expanded tutorial that includes more technical and post-processing content, please consider registering for Sunday morning’s workshop, How to Craft a Landscape Photograph.)
  • How to SEE: a handy acronym to guide our visual design strategy.

3. Ethical & Environmental Concerns: How should I make this photograph? (Sunday morning)

  • How ethics apply to the photographic process.
  • Photographic “truth” and the debate about image manipulation.
  • How photography has been used historically in the service of environmental causes.
  • How today’s travel and photographic trends are impacting the natural world.
  • How we can use our visual artistry and storytelling skills to help educate, inspire and advocate for conservation.

4. Personal Projects: What can I do with this photograph? (Sunday morning)

Projects vs “greatest hits”: pros and cons of both approaches to image-making.
Electronic projects: web galleries, AV shows, PDF publications, blogs.
Print projects: books, folios, exhibitions, cards, posters.
Using complementary media (text, music) to enrich the experience of our images.

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